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Cross-border transactions

How efficient is your company's cross-border tax planning strategy?

To remain competitive, multinational corporations (MNCs) must have the reduction of the overall effective tax rate as one of their main tax goals. There are various strategies for reducing worldwide effective tax rates in the international context. Our approach is to ensure that tax opportunities are maximized and adverse tax outcomes are identified and managed efficiently.

Outbound tax planning services

International expansion has been significant to many US-based MNCs. Our US outbound tax planning services focus on meeting business needs, including:

  • Debt financing and restructuring;
  • Foreign tax credits management;
  • Foreign loss planning;
  • Maintaining US deferral;
  • Repatriation of profits; and
  • Cash redeployment.

Inbound tax planning services

The complexity of US tax law has a profound effect on foreign-owned US businesses and investments. Our US inbound tax planning services focus on cross-border tax planning advice to help foreign-based MNCs efficiently align their commercial and tax objectives, including:

  • Designing tax effective structure for acquisitions;
  • Repatriating cash or redeploying funds in a tax efficient manner;
  • Minimizing tax costs on investment exits; and
  • Refinancing debt efficiently to achieve overall lower cost of funds.

Compliance services

US tax compliance can be a challenge

With a team of close to thirty (30) US tax professionals locally in Hong Kong, we are committed to helping our clients meet their US tax compliance needs in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. Our services include:

  • Federal and state tax return filings for partnerships, corporations, other business or non-profit entities, individuals and trusts and estate (for US & non-US persons);
  • Federal information return filings;
  • Federal withholding tax filings and reporting;
  • FATCA analysis and reporting; and
  • PFIC analysis and reporting.

M&A deal structuring & tax due diligence

What are the US tax implications for your M&A deal

It is important to identify and understand the US tax implications of a proposed M&A deal involving US targets or acquirers and establish a tax structure that delivers deal value. Our services in this area include:

  • Tax due diligence for mergers and acquisitions involving US targets or acquirers;
  • Acquisition structuring and divestment planning; and
  • Migration of intellectual property.

Other consulting services

We provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Tax reporting and strategy;
  • Federal withholding tax analysis and planning;
  • Personal wealth planning:
    • Trust planning for asset protection;
    • Estate and business succession planning;
    • Pre-immigration planning; and
    • Expatriation.

Transfer pricing

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