Engineering and construction

As engineering and construction growth prospects remain uncertain amidst changing expectations sparked by technology, climate change and urbanisation, we help you manage risks and business challenges to cement your place in the industry's future.

Build the foundation for future growth

At PwC, we understand the evolving challenges and opportunities in engineering and construction and collaborate with professional and support service organisations, governments, and private and public sector companies.

Our team has extensive industry experience in global industrial products, global engineering and construction industry mergers and acquisitions, cost containment, sourcing strategies and supply chain management to help you win business and seize new opportunities.

We use our global network to give strategic, financial and operational advice to build sustainable value for your organisation.

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Philip Pong

Philip Pong

Hong Kong Engineering and Construction Leader, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (20) 3819 2066

Lei Wang

Lei Wang

China Engineering and Construction Leader, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (10) 6533 2581

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