Capital projects and infrastructure (CP&I)

PwC's CP&I network serves both public and private clients to deliver value to the full spectrum of CP&I stakeholders. We have the ability to quickly assemble the right mix of subject-matter and asset class experience necessary to meet specific challenges and this is what enables us to bring a unique, well-informed perspective and is what enriches the value we deliver.

Meeting your needs

We are committed to meeting your needs by:

  • Delivering multi-disciplinary teams - combining the creative mindset and problem-solving experience of our specialists with the precision, structure and analytical capabilities and the accountability ethic of our firm.
  • Provide independent perspective and accountability - PwC combines market knowledge with an independent and objective perspective.
  • Mobilise a global network - We've built a great workforce with broad capabilities and a deep commitment to our clients. Our track record of service to clients in Singapore and around the world is testimony to our quality and scope of service.

Contact us

Gabriel Wong
Head of China Corporate Finance & One Belt One Road Leader, PwC Hong Kong
Tel: +[86] (21) 2323 2609

Simon Booker
Partner, PwC Hong Kong
Tel: +[852] 2289 2788

Guillaume Barthe-Dejean
Associate Director, PwC Hong Kong
Tel: +[852] 2289 3587

Krishna Thirumalai
Manager, PwC Hong Kong
Tel: +[852] 2289 6364

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