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Capturing the next phase of China's development and transformation

Urbanisation is not only the inevitable course to modernisation, but also the largest driving force in unlocking domestic demand potential and development momentum in today's China. Since the promulgation of the National New-type Urbanisation Plan (2014-2020), China has been actively promoting a new people-centred path to urbanisation, which has greatly improved the level and quality of urbanisation. By 2016, the urbanisation rate of China's permanent residents and registered population reached 57.35% and 41.2% respectively, making great strides towards meeting the 2020 objective in an orderly and steady manner.

In China, urban clusters formed around municipalities, provincial cities and other sub-provincial cities are becoming the most economically developed and innovatively active regions. Focusing on these large cities and the urban clusters forming around them is the key to capturing the next phase of China's development and transformation.

Chinese Cities of Opportunity

Responding to challenges: Elevating urban resilience and digital transformation

Since 2014, the annual Chinese Cities of Opportunity report, jointly published by PwC and the China Development and Research Foundation, has continued to monitor opportunities arising from China’s urban development and track the progress of its urbanisation from different angles and perspectives.

For each edition, we adjust our research priorities subject to the social and economic priorities of the year in China. This year, against the extraordinary backdrop of the COVID-19 outbreak, the 2020 edition pays attention to urban resilience and the sustainable development of cities, while incorporating some additional key elements and angles such as the refined management of cities and smart cities.

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Cities of Opportunity 7

Our study provides a balanced benchmarking of the social and economic health of 30 of the world's leading cities of business, finance and culture. At a time when cities drive the world's growth, the ability to understand them requires a wide range of credible, transparent data to highlight areas of strength and potential for improvement. 

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