Transforming Supply Chain Management and Operations in the Cloud

Organisations must raise the bar on supply chain efficiency, agility and resilience to meet customer demands in the most cost effective manner. In a global economy with complex trading partner networks, even small changes can produce significant results. PwC’s experienced team of industry professionals bring the right blend of innovation, leadership, process and technology skills to our clients to help them envision new pathways to success across the value chain.

PwC’s strategic supply chain solutions deliver competitive advantage through innovation

Leveraging Oracle’s enterprise technology, PwC works with our clients to deliver consistent outcomes while fostering innovation for their entire global supply chain network. We offer holistic supply chain solutions utilising Oracle Cloud, emerging technologies and our unique tools and accelerators while guiding our clients through a business transformation journey.

The first step on the journey is to start with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic capability. PwC helps our clients exploit technology to make it work for them proactively rather than taking a reactive approach. For each engagement, PwC brings industry, functional and technology depth that is required to close the gap between desired ideas and realised results.

We strive to drive innovation into our solutions by investing heavily in emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, robotics and IoT. We leverage a collaborative, iterative process to foster innovation and enhance the value generated through enabling Oracle technologies. Our solutions incorporate recognised business practices and leverage our experiences from the multitude of projects we’ve helped other clients with across the whole suite of supply chain Oracle cloud applications such as planning, Logfire WMS, logistics and CPQ, to name a few.

This is demonstrated through the solutions, tools and accelerators we exclusively offer our clients such as:

PwC’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution

A decision-making framework that leads organisations to improve enterprise profitability by linking strategic planning and execution. PwC uses our IBP solution to help identify and quantify the value of our clients’ critical business decisions. The solution syncs with Oracle’s S&OP process to provide our clients with the right data at the right time to evaluate strategic decision options and the financial implications helping to ensure maximum value.


PwC’s Inventory Entitlement Planning (IEP) solution

An inventory capability improvement approach which increases inventory planning capabilities through technology and delivers rapid results and fosters sustained adoption. PwC uses IEP to rapidly assess and benchmark current inventory positions and identify improvements. IEP is also a repeatable approach which facilitates traceability between improved capabilities and the results they yield.

PwC’s Supply Chain Track and Trace solution

Leveraging blockchain and Oracle Cloud ERP, PwC’s Track and Trace solution delivers global trade traceability and real time tracking information capabilities. PwC’s Track and Trace helps manufacturers, importers and distributors selling products in the U.S. to establish monitoring and compliance systems that timely and accurately collect country of origin information for components and final products.

How PwC Predictable Value focuses on supply chain business

Whether it’s creating innovative solutions, strategically reducing costs, optimising footprint, becoming more flexible, managing operational risk, improving capital efficiency or realising deal value, we strive to be the partner of choice for our clients. Yes, PwC provides complete business solutions to complex supply chain problems - but we also guide our clients through a business transformational journey. Through our clients’ transformations, we help to identify what business outcomes our clients can achieve through our Predictable Value approach.

Our PwC’s Predictable Value approach focuses on demonstrating our clients’ desired business outcomes highlighting value, speed, focus and agility closing the gap from ideas to results. As part of our approach we provide a proven framework and technical roadmaps to support our clients’ supply chain business transformations to get them to the Cloud faster while maximising value and minimising risk and cost.

Value: improved accuracy and alignment of sales, operations planning, and financial planning


Speed: reduce overall planning cycle times which decrease high E&O transportation costs

Focus: simplifying IT footprint while driving standardisation enhances visibility for the workforce to focus on cost reduction activities


Agility: increase speed to market through product lifecycle management


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