Jason Sue

Jason Sue

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Jason is a Consulting partner based in HK who has over 16 years of experience in performing large scale and multinational system implementation projects for financial institutes and regulators in Hong Kong and overseas.

He has led a number of global and regional transformation program that covers projects in Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam, US and South America.

He specialises in utilising technologies to achieve business growth, cost savings, efficiency and other strategic objectives such as customer engagements and launching new business in new markets. For instance, he has been driving the DLT agenda in a number of consortium in banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics industries.

His working style is always described as having his sleeves rolled and work with stakeholders at all levels from ideation, problem definition to formulate and executing change plans with pragmatic approach to achieve targets.

Relevant experience

  • Led a project to architect and implement the IT systems (e.g. mobile, CRM, core systems, ERP, etc.) and operation of a digital insurance company in HK while at the same time supporting the regulatory approval process
  • Led an IT strategy project to assist a China based financial institution to architect the next generation digital platform (back to front) to support overseas (South East Asia) business expansion. In addition to the architecture and implementation roadmap, his team has assisted the client to refine the business propositions and target operation model that aligns with the expansion strategy
  • Supported a multinational financial institution to design and implement the IT systems (back to front including infrastructure) with 14+ vendors/virtual teams around the globe while supporting the regulatory approval process. As a result, the company has managed to launch the business in 6 months after approving the business plan
  • Led a global transformation project for a multinational financial institutions to implement the processes, systems and data infrastructure to enable better analytics and deploy the same to 30+ countries including the US, EU, South America and Asia
  • Led a MIS strategy project to support the a multinational financial institution in Japan to identify the analytics needs to support the business growth in 5 years, to evaluate solutions and to develop a business case for implementing changes
  • Led a number of local and regional system implementation to support operations and analytics

Contact details

Tel: +[852] 2289 2595