The Metaverse: What Businesses Need to Know

June 2022

The metaverse has quickly gone from concept to working reality in the past years, and these days, companies and brands are helping to further accelerate their development as they enter with their own vision of how to showcase themselves in this new digital world. Whilst some well-known brands have blazed the trail, there is still space for other early adopters to start experimenting and establishing themselves in the metaverse. However, creating a metaverse experience requires understanding what it is, what the opportunities are, and most importantly, what challenges and risks are potentially ahead. 

We have created a guide to help businesses explore what entering the metaverse means, what to consider when purchasing virtual land on the metaverse or issuing NFTs, and how to think about operating in this new digital world. 

This publication was jointly published by PwC and Tiang & Partners.

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