William Gee

William Gee

Advisor, PwC Hong Kong

William Gee retired from PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong in June 2022 having served 22 years as a Partner; he is currently acting as an Advisor to the firm on the Metaverse and the emerging Digital Economy. Prior to retirement, William was a member of the Firm’s Digital Office that provided support to a variety of digitalisation initiatives. William was also responsible for innovation for the Risk Assurance practice; he was a member of the PwC China Assurance Innovation Think-tank and a member of PwC Global Assurance Disruption Group.

William was a member of the core leadership team driving the adoption of blockchain technology, he is knowledgeable of the regulatory, accounting and risk management considerations of crypto currencies and digital assets. William successfully led the development and deployment of a blockchain audit platform to support audits of cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as examined the commercial adoption of the blockchain technology beyond financial services. William is currently participating in several initiatives relating to the emerging digital economy, including central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, tokenisation of traditional assets, etc., and studying the related risks and transformational impact on traditional economy.

William has been driving the adoption of XBRL since 2000 in both Hong Kong and Mainland China; he was appointed by the China Ministry of Finance in 2009 to assist the development of the China Accounting Standard Common Taxonomy framework, and has supported similar initiatives in Thailand, Malaysia, and Russia.

William is currently involved in the promotion of digital identity infrastructure for both corporates and individuals, especially in the adoption of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) and Distributed Identifiers (DID). William is also working to raise awareness on the Quantum Threat, and advising on practical approach for organisations to adopt and deploy Post-Quantum Cryptography in response to this threat.