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The PwC NextGen Club is an international community of young entrepreneurs and successors in family businesses. Whether the next generations aspire to lead their family business and continue its legacy into the future, or wish to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey, the PwC NextGen Club will provide them with insights, tools and inspiration to drive for their own personal growth and family success.

In 2017, the PwC Singapore has launched the PwC Asia Pacific NextGen Club. 90 NextGens from 15 countries were brought together to network, bond and learn with their peers. The PwC China NextGen Club has also officially launched in September 2018 in Shanghai. The Club currently connected with over 40 NextGens aged between 25-40.

The PwC Hong Kong NextGen Club has launched in May 2019. It connects with the global club network which currently has more than 2,500 next-generation peers from 68 different countries and regions.

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Who are NextGen Club members?

NextGen Club members typically aged between 25 and 40 years, who has a role in either the management, ownership or governance of family business, or have set up own entrepreneurial venture separate from the family business.

Club member will be an active player in shaping local and global ecosystem by connecting with other local NextGen Club members, who can take advantage of exclusive educational, networking and mentoring offerings, both local and global, to grow and evolve own entrepreneurial venture, as well as family business legacy.

It is an exclusive club and by invitation only. If you would like join, please contact the NextGen Club contacts or your PwC contacts.

What you can get from the Club?

PwC Hong Kong NextGen Club offers learning and networking events exclusively designed for our club members. Every year, we develop a calendar of diverse membership events, covering a wide range of topics and following a variety of formats, in some of the world’s most exciting locations. From innovation to transformation, we are here to inspire and connect the leaders of tomorrow.

Together with our global network, you will be able to…

Be a part of our global NextGen network and connect with more than 2,500 next-generation peers from 68 different countries and regions. Our membership events provide the chance to meet ant connect with successful peers and industry leaders.

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Learn from reputable business leaders, successful entrepreneurs and family business experts worldwide. Our network can help you learn some of the world’s most cutting edge technology and trends. We work together to explore and accelerate individual success.

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Develop your own personal brand and let us support you in shaping your own leadership vision. Our programmes are designed to inspire and leverage your personal strength.

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Meet our NextGen, the leader of tomorrow

From succession to innovation and transformation, members of our NextGen Club share with us their ‘Connect. Learn. Lead.’ journey in this video series. Coming from different family backgrounds and industries, they are inspirations for next generations aiming to become leaders in their own family businesses and working towards a better tomorrow.

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