Closing your deal

Buyers and sellers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in seeking to exploit the potential value to be gained through the negotiation and execution of a transaction. Sufficient information and knowledge about the target and industry is required to secure a deal that best serves your interests. 

Review of financial terms

Given our deep knowledge of the target and financial services industry our due diligence experts will be best placed to review the financial terms and comment on the areas where representations, warranties and indemnifications may not be sufficient in light of your objectives and nature of the deal.

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Transition services agreements

We can assist to identify key issues and transition services required in large transformations such as separation and integration programs. 

We can also review and comment on fair pricing and terms of TSA agreements. 

This is an important part of the Sales and Purchase Agreement and key for financial services companies where large customer data, shared back offices and regulation may result in longer term TSA agreements.

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Assistance with post-closing purchase price adjustments

We can assist in reviewing and commenting on the post-closing purchase price adjustments including areas where further clarity and definition may be needed. We can also quantify the impact of these purchase price adjustments to your ultimate purchase price and post deal profit and earnings per share impact and recommend remedies where needed.

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Completion accounts review

We can assists to review or audit the completion accounts to be used for closing adjustments to provide you an independent opinion over the reported results. Our financial services audit practice together with our due diligence experts who have a deep knowledge of the target, transaction and financial service industry are best placed to help you meet your deal objectives.

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