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Our DDV team can help you from deal identification to deal signing. We work seamlessly with your other advisors including your financial due diligence team to identify issues and opportunities upfront and help you find solutions. Our services include operations, IT, HR due diligence as well as synergy identification, carve out and integration planning.

We provide a wide range of services to address your needs:

Operations due diligence

We help you identify, quantify and prioritise the untapped value of the target’s business and work with you to develop and execute the plans for realising it. 

How we can help?

  1. Uncover the risks and opportunities inherent in every aspect of the operational process.
  2. Provide a realistic view of operating structures and their respective costs.
  3. Simplify the complications surrounding staffing issues and HR.
  4. Identify and quantify opportunities for operational improvement and turn them into action plans with management.
  5. Provide sell side support for all the activities above and ensure our services will be value maximising for both sides.

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IT due diligence

We help you understand the cost and impact of IT-related matters on a given transaction. 

How we can help?

  1. Provide insights and critically assess the target’s IT system and the associated operating costs.
  2. Assess IT landscape robustness and compatibility.
  3. Provide options and strategies for managing the IT-related aspects of a transaction, to avoid business disruption, maintain security and reduce risks.
  4. Assist in formulating the target’s IT project calendar and project plan.

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HR due diligence

We help you mitigate risks through identifying, evaluating and addressing all the required HR issues.

How we can help?

  1. Uncover the true costs associated with pensions and benefit plans.
  2. Understand employment terms and agreements to ensure that financial implications and possible obligations are fully considered.
  3. Perform a full assessment and classification of the current management talent pool.
  4. Identify, prepare for and address any HR transition challenges.

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Carve out due diligence

We help you evaluate the costs of operational separation and ensure a smooth and value-enhancing transition.

How we can help?

  1. Cut through the complexity and provide a full assessment on key carve out areas leveraging on our experiences and expertise.
  2. Provide a realistic view of the standalone business after the carve out process.
  3. Ensure a robust separation plan can be delivered and there is an appropriate and executable level of support during the transition.
  4. Review and assess the impact of any Transitional Service Agreement related issues.
  5. Provide sell side support on all the activities listed above to ensure value is maximised.

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Taking control & M&A integration

We help you set up deal protection mechanisms and conduct comprehensive planning from legal day one and forward.

How we can help?

  1. Assist in taking full control over the newly acquired business and minimise disruption by focusing on customer and employee retention before and after legal day one.
  2. Provide a full suite of tools to integration planning and governance.
  3. Provide a comprehensive post-deal structure of integration management, which ensures strong execution and brings creative solutions to you.

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Synergy identification and planning

We help you identify synergy opportunities and its realisation plan at each step of the deal process.

How we can help?

  1. Establish a high-level view of the potential synergies at an early stage of the deal.
  2. Quantify synergies and identify critical success factors and risks.
  3. Enable delivery of identified synergies through effective planning and financial tracking.

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