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A shift in the role of the chief information officer ("CIO"), business complexity, broader technology adoption, and increasing expectations have forced a shift in the role of technology.  Our technology consultants support forward thinking CIOs to maximize the effectiveness of their IT function or manage IT as a business in order to support lasting organizational and business change.  Effectiveness can include IT strategic planning, governance & risk, operational, change and monitoring, cost management, and performance management elements.  Managing IT as a business focus on the quality of the services provided and the relationship with business as IT's customers.

Our IT transformation services include:

IT strategy

We provide leadership advice or assistance for the development or review of a technology strategy and operational IT plan to support an organization's business strategy and goals during significant transformational change in the business.  We help client to manage technology risks during significant business transformations through development of policies and standards and managing the interface between business and IT.  Our IT strategy services cover:

  • IT / IS principles and standards, innovation strategy;
  • Sustainability / green IT;
  • IT organizational strategy;
  • IT governance strategy;
  • Use of enterprise / IT architecture;
  • IT skills and people strategy;
  • IT cost and value strategy;
  • IT portfolio management strategy;
  • IT service management strategy;
  • IT supplier / sourcing strategy; and
  • General IT organization management strategy.

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IT governance

Our technology consultants advise clients on the review of existing IT governance structures or the development and implementation of new governance structures and practices by standards reference such as CoBIT, ISO27001.  Governance provisions include considerations for IT portfolio management, high level programme assessment, ownership of IT strategy, contract management, decision making, policies (including design, DR, data, etc), business case analysis, architectural QA and organization for governance.

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IT organization & processes

Our consultants can help clients in the design of IT organization structure, role profiles, culture, performance measurement, competencies and skills and support strategies for change and for training to enable the required change, identification of key attributes of the IT culture and key principles and factors for addressing location strategy.  Our IT organization & processes services may be in the context of a full in-house IT capability or for retained organization only and may include IT skills management, i.e. assessment and development of IT capabilities against demands of the business and IT plan.

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Financial management of IT

We provide services of advising on the financial management, control and stewardship of the IT assets and resources used in the provision of IT services, ensuring that all governance, legal and regulatory requirements are complied with.  Our services also include the evaluation of IT spend against business value, and budgeting, forecasting, reporting, the evaluation of IT spend against business value.  IT investment management and running IT as a business are also provided for client IT business transformation.

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IT portfolio & project management

Our consultants address the planning and coordination of a set of related IT projects within a programme of business change, the management of their interdependencies in support of specific business strategies with the maintenance of a strategic view over the project set.  Our services are the best-fit of the framework for implementing business initiatives, or large-scale change, by achieving a vision of the outcome of the programme.

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