Data management

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Our data management consultants advise clients on the overall management of information as a fundamental business resource.  Main areas include data governance (development of data strategy, organization and policies covering the design of information structures and taxonomies), enterprise data management (the setting of policies for the sourcing and maintenance of the data content, the management and storage of electronic content), innovative and industry specific business intelligence and data analytics.

Data governance

We provide the design and implementation of policies, processes and systems to manage the quality of data and information to meet the needs of the business processes, reporting and regulatory compliance.  Our services encompasses development and promotion of the strategy and policies covering the design of information structures and taxonomies, the setting of policies for the sourcing and maintenance of the data content, the management and storage of electronic content and the analysis of information structure (including logical analysis of data and metadata).  We also provide advice on strategy for the management of data collection / sourcing, data quality, business reporting / integration, information architecture and overall responsibility for compliance with regulations, standards and codes of good practice relating to information and documentation records management, information assurance, security and data protection.

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Enterprise data management

We provide advice on management of information, as a strategic business resource, to ensure that the information needs of the business are met.  It encompasses development and promotion of enterprise data models, metadata design and implementation repositories, master data management and the selection and implementation of tools to support data governance.  We can help client on improving overall data management processes by optimizing the business application, ERP system and data warehouse integration, including ERP data transformation, information and document retention ("IDR") and content management.

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Business intelligence and data analytics

Our services include the definition, development or QA of an information and technology blueprint for an organization's reporting functions (finance and operational data), with reference to the solution technology used (e.g. Hyperion, Informatica), source, staged and reporting data stores, access and queries, reporting cubes, user presentation, and the required business intelligence / data configuration and development tasks.  Our data management consultants provide specialist expertise for and practical assistance in the investigation, evaluation and interpretation of data in order to ensure its coherence, availability, accuracy and security to meet information and communication systems requirements.  We also provide data analytics services for client to find inside information from existing business data.

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