Hong Kong Workforce Hopes & Fears Survey 2023

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August 2023

The world has profoundly changed in recent years with fundamental shifts in the way we live, work, and interact with one another. As we look ahead to 2023, some regions of the world are showing signs of recovery, while others continue to face ongoing challenges. This has necessitated that businesses adapt to new ways of operating, such as the implementation of remote work arrangements and a greater emphasis on digitalisation. While such changes have brought benefits, including increased flexibility and improved work-life balance, they have also presented new challenges, such as maintaining team cohesion in a remote work environment.

Against this backdrop, we conducted a survey of 53,912 employees across 46 countries and territories this year to better understand how the global workforce is coping with the changes of the new era and what the future of work may hold. This study covers a range of topics, including employees’ concerns and aspirations when selecting a job and employer, their perceptions and needs with respect to upskilling and digitalisation, and workplace trends expected to emerge over the next 12 months.

This report focuses specifically on the responses of 1,000 members in Hong Kong SAR, including those who are employed full-time, part-time, or on a contract/temporary basis, as well as those who are currently unemployed.

Key findings from respondents from Hong Kong:

  • Future of work: Hybrid working and AI are the way forward
  • Workforce and upskilling: There is a divide in opinion among employees on engagement and skills for the future
  • Sustainability: Whilst making great strides, Hong Kong still has a way to go in its journey of sustainability 

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