Accounting advisory services

Our team has extensive IFRS, US GAAP, CAS and other accounting framework capabilities combined with industry expertise. We focus on your business needs providing pragmatic and highly customised business solutions to address your accounting and financial reporting challenges.

Interpretation and implementation of complex accounting standards
  • We provide our clients with accounting advice and local resources to work closely with clients on a range of topics including
    • Stock based compensation
    • Revenue from contracts with customers
    • Financial instruments
    • Leases
    • Business combination
    • Consolidated financial statements and others
  • We are experienced in providing accounting interpretation and solution in relation to complex accounting issues and standards including benchmarking with market practices.
  • Along the process, we can provide project management and address potential business, valuation, legal, and tax issues together with our advisory, valuation, tax and legal teams.
  • We assist with assessing the impacts of the adoption of the newly issued accounting standards, planning, and implementing the necessary business process and system changes before the effective date.
  • We can help you evaluate the implication of the changes under the new rules and lay out a path toward implementation. We have developed a suite of project enabling tools to facilitate an efficient and effective project.

Capital market support – IPO/M&A/Private Equity and ongoing integration support

  • IPO support – Provide IPO readiness assessment, assist with management’s preparation of the public filing document, address complex accounting issues, advise on the responses to regulator’s comment letters, etc.
  • Structuring – Assess alternative feasible solutions to achieve your objectives, benchmark with market practices, taking into account of accounting, tax, legal, regulatory and shareholder considerations.
  • Regulatory scrutiny and public filing requirements – Assist with shareholder circular / public filings, including historical financial information of the target business, together with pro forma financial information and a statement regarding the working capital sufficiency of the group post-transaction.
  • Ongoing reporting – Convert local GAAP financial information to conform with acquirers’ reporting requirement, provide assistance with potential multiple reporting requirement (local statutory requirements vs. parent/acquirer accounting/reporting vs. internal management reporting), support management’s ongoing effort to integrate the financial/accounting/reporting and business operation.
  • Expectations of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee – Advise on communication of impacts of the deal to your Board of Directors and your Audit Committee.
  • Treasury focus – Identify cash that you can free up internally and assess the need for additional facilities.

GAAP conversions

  • With global conversion experience for clients in EU, Asia and America, we provide proven and flexible methodology with practical solutions/tools to ensure success of implementing complex accounting standards arising from changes in IFRS, US GAAP, CAS and other GAAPs.
  • We address complex accounting and reporting issues and provide technical and implementation support along with knowledge transfer to clients in the GAAP conversion processes.

Divestitures and carve-outs

  • With extensive carve-out experience, we advise on carve-out and divestiture process and assist clients on preparing carve-out financial statements.
  • We provide and share market practice and guidance covering carve-out financial statements and help sellers navigate the divestiture process.

Corporate treasury

In tumultuous times, treasury has the chance to step up.

Globalisation and technological change; financial crisis and regulatory reform; these trends and others have brought uncertainty, but also opportunity.

As a forward-thinking company, you can take strategic advantage of these trends and changes to transform the treasury function to enhance profitability, performance and value.

We work with leading treasury organisations to provide critical insights into finance and risk issues to help achieve strategic, overarching business and financial objectives.

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Structured finance and financial instruments

  • Asset securitisation can help commercial bank revitalise its asset stock, accelerate the cash flow.
  • We offer a wide range of services to investment banks involved in arranging securitisation and structured finance transactions, drawing on years of related experience in the US and throughout Europe.
  • Whether you are securitising for the first time or are a repeat issuer, we can provide you with a range of services which are tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements, helping to make sure that your transaction runs smoothly and efficiently.

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