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Basic compliance requirements for listed companies in Hong Kong

Mar 2020

An overview of major laws and rules and requirements for publication of information for listed companies in Hong Kong

Directors’ training to maintain good corporate governance standards

Regulators worldwide have committed to enhance their corporate governance standards for listed companies, in order to maintain public investors’ confidence in the stock market. Our service in providing directors’ trainings can help the board of directors of listed companies to keep abreast of directors’ duties and responsibilities and the latest development on regulatory requirements and corporate governance practices. 

Critical steps need to be taken to ensure initiatives are implemented quickly and effectively

New initiatives designed to re-generate growth in a period of downturn is allocated to every aspect of Hong Kong’s economy. The critical next step is how we can ensure these relief measures are executed effectively.

Charles Lee, South China (incl. Hong Kong SAR) Tax Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Unexpected turns, but a secure buffer to re-stimulate the economy

To help with the revitalisation, we welcome the upcoming plans to help stimulate the economy by the reduction of profits tax and salaries tax, HK$10,000 cash pay-out, and concessionary low-interest rate loans for SME.

Jeremy Choi, Tax Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Innovation and technology investments to building diversified talent and economy is key

It is important that Hong Kong targets investments towards building the innovation and technology ecosystem and generates long-term employment opportunities in high tech industries.

Agnes Wong, Tax Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Viewpoints from industry leaders on innovation and technology, FinTech, 5G, smart city and aviation

Wilson Chow, Global TMT Industry Leader, PwC

Henri Arslanian, Global Crypto Leader and Asia FinTech Leader, PwC

Loretta Fong, Telecommunications Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Albert Wong, Partner, Public Sector Consulting, PwC Hong Kong

Johnny Lau, Aviation Business Services Chief Consultant, PwC Hong Kong

Five recommended short-term relief measures to support SMEs and individuals

PwC has recommended five short-term relief measures to support SMEs and individuals in Hong Kong’s current increasingly adverse economic environment, including providing one-off short-term interest free loans to companies in affected industries, providing tax deduction for donations in kind and extend deduction claim to loss making companies and more. Find out more recommendations from Jeremy Choi, PwC Hong Kong Tax Partner.

Attract and nurture I&T talent to drive long-term sustainable development

With Innovation & Technology (I&T) being one of the policy priorities for Hong Kong, PwC suggests introducing tax incentives to create a favourable environment for businesses, investors and talent. Going forward, we propose a cohesive and comprehensive review of Hong Kong’s tax system in view of the changing international tax landscape and emerging business models.

Hear from Agnes Wong, PwC Hong Kong Tax Partner, our proposed measures for the development of a more diversified and resilient economy.