mHealth - Solutions vs. technology

The EIU report shows progress in mHealth in mature and particularly in emerging markets. But entrepreneurs still need to find business models that work. Vendors, payers and current providers must collaborate to build an mHealth ecosystem with longevity and efficacy.


64% of doctors and payers see exciting possibilities

… but too few proven business models


The pricing problem

Patients are highly price sensitive. 49% cite cost as the biggest barrier to greater use of mHealth.

The technology tangent

  • Technology itself isn’t the solution. Companies must help payers or providers directly.
  • New technology entrants should work with care providers to create relevant mHealth services.

Driving disruption

  • Disruption in healthcare needs "multi-sector, long-term partnerships and critical mass".
  • This means data and service integration, with patients at the core.

And picking up the tab

So who will pay? The long-term view for mHealth is that healthcare payers will take accountability. With economic pressure mounting, payers, providers and patients are aligning. 

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