Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Financial services organisations are increasing their ESG efforts in response to rising public concerns over the impact of climate and environmental risks and growing regulatory obligations. Integrating ESG into your business will require tailored solutions.

We can assist you to better understand and navigate the complexities of risks, opportunities and regulations in your ESG transformation journey.

How we can help

ESG strategy

  • Advice on setting ESG vision and mission
  • Assist to develop strategic plan in relation to ESG / sustainable banking
  • Product offering strategy, including market intelligence and research
  • Impact assessment on your Target Operating Model (TOM) Value chain
  • Assist to develop ESG strategy, goal and target setting
  • Benchmark analysis (Peer/Product comparison)
  • Advice on ESG performance management metrics / KPIs

ESG implementation

  • Strategy vs implementation gap analysis
  • Develop or review of ESG policies and procedures
  • Advise on integration of ESG and climate risk into business and risk management processes
  • Implementation or review of ESG investment management processes
  • Implementation or review of ESG product offering strategy
  • Implementation or review of internal product design processes
  • Conduct due diligence testing – investment linking product prospectus, actual product offered to clients, and ESG processes of external managers
  • Assurance on ESG integration process
  • Review ESG governance framework
  • Embed climate risk into risk management
  • Providing support on developing climate risk management processes, include processes such as identifying and analysing climate risk, developing TCFD scenario models and performing stress testing
  • Enhance the mandate management framework to include ESG considerations

Health checks and training

  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • ESG implementation health check
  • ESG disclosure/reporting health check
  • Employee training & workshops
  • ESG process effectiveness review

Transparency and disclosures

  • Independent product due diligence testing
  • Public and client disclosures on the ESG philosophy and methodology adopted
  • Assist to formulate disclosure and communication strategy to engage with stakeholders
  • Assess client documentation and reports
  • Sustainability risk reporting
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and link to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for measuring and reporting on ESG investments and green finance
  • Assistance on drafting ESG disclosure report
  • Assess stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment processes
  • Provide assurance for data used in ESG disclosure report to enhance credibility
  • Board and management reporting on ESG initiatives

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