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R&D Incentive

China has progressively developed a series of incentive regimes to encourage innovation and research and development (R&D) activities conducted by enterprises. The government offers a range of tax incentives and benefits for different stages of the R&D process covering entire R&D value chain from initiation to final achievement. In a view to managing potential risks and disputes, we suggest enterprises carry out pre-evaluations before applying these incentives, and strengthen internal management of R&D process. Based on our experience, enterprises often encounter following challenges in relation to their application of R&D:

  • Not adopting technology-driven methodology
  • Lack of comprehensive R&D management system
  • Ineffective communication between R&D department and finance/tax department
  • Difficulties in identifying qualified R&D activities
  • Inaccurate or inefficient tracking of R&D expenses

Leveraging our tax expertise with technology

Developed locally, our R&D Incentive specialised online-based platform ("Website") which covers 26 major service areas of the entire R&D value chain can provide enterprises a channel to professional analysis and assessment of their eligibility to R&D tax incentives. The assessment enables enterprises to understand their potential tax issues and risks during R&D incentives application process, and provide the best solution for enterprises to legitimately maximise their R&D benefits.

Our website has following features and advantages:

  • Free of charge – the website summarises major potential issues and risks enterprises may face in terms of incentive application.
  • Online test and assessment - preliminary review and assessment results are available in 24 hours after completing a 30-minute questionnaire.
  • Technology-driven methodology combines with finance/tax expertise - the website helps to analyse R&D related data, and identify enterprise’s R&D activities and scope.
  • Supported by our PwC China R&D Incentives Services full-time team - with the full participation of engineers and scientists as well as finance, tax and management experts.
  • Optimisation of R&D incentive solutions for enterprises - the website helps enterprises to evaluate their tax risks, and provide a tailored assessment.

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