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Elevate your company's tax function to the business

Tax Operations Manager (TOM)

Tax functions often build their own spreadsheet-based technology environment to drive automation. However, far too often, these mission-critical, complex spreadsheets depend on a single user, lack an audit trail, and typically have no quality or version control.

At the same time, the tax environment is changing and increasing in complexity as companies are extending their sales and operational presence into more jurisdictions and engaging in mergers and acquisitions. With that expansion, governments in those jurisdictions are focused to uncover sources of revenue, and tax departments are being forced to improve document management and collaboration and automate processes.

Embracing technology to enhance operational efficiency

Companies are realising that spreadsheets and shared drives are a thing of the past that doesn’t encourage collaboration. Leading tax departments are leveraging reliable tools that can automate workflow, promote accuracy, reduce risk, and increase collaboration in tax and across the business.
Our TOM technology is a powerful application that drives process improvement, transparency, and efficiency to deliver a workflow, data management, and collaboration solution that can be tailored to your needs.

We can work with you to:

  • Create a workflow solution that’s easy to use – The workflow engine provides task and role features that can be used to effectively manage resources and data privilege. The technology can be customised to meet specific tax needs, and is easy to learn and use, reducing change management hurdles.
  • Improve advanced integration – Our TOM technology serves as a process-based bridge between a company’s provision and compliance software tools.
  • Access advanced reporting – TOM can be configured to enable advanced reporting, score-carding, and forecasting — features that can elevate your company’s tax function value to the business. The technology’s scalable framework allows workflow and collaboration across the entire tax, finance and legal function.
  • Easily deploy the platform – TOM can be securely deployed within your existing environment or hosted in the cloud.

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