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Adopting the new trend in China tax audit

eTax Audit

In the era of big data, companies are faced with pressure to stay compliant and manage risks when dealing with huge amounts of data. At the same time, tax authorities all over China are turning to information technology to collect taxpayers’ financial and operation data to improve their tax administration system, this has created new challenges for taxpayers such as:

  • increased complexity due to data size
  • lack of understanding on tax authority’s approach
  • shortage in solutions to react to electronic tax audits
  • tight response time to tax authority schedule and demands
  • stricter collaboration and communications requirement for data/information management

Supporting you throughout the tax audit process

Injecting modern technology into traditional tax audit method, eTax Audit is a more efficient and effective solution to collect and analyse your data. We will also work alongside you when communicating with the tax authority.

How is it different from the traditional tax audit or health check solution?

  • More efficient: Time saved with greater traceability to the data
  • More complete: All accounting records instead of sampling are checked
  • More accurate: Based on objective finance/accounting records where issues identified could be traced back to accounting vouchers
  • More effective: Adopted tax authority’s approach and analytics models

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Jane Wang

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