Supply Chain Transformation

What is Supply Chain Transformation?

Optimising your business processes and systems to achieve financial, tax, trade and operational alignment will allow you to deliver profitability, increase efficiency and create a solid foundation for sustainable growth. This journey is what we call Supply Chain Transformation (SCT).​

Supply Chain Transformation

Transforming your business to achieve tax, financial, legal and operational alignment

Businesses in Hong Kong and their world-wide subsidiaries are impacted by rapidly changing government and environmental regulations, trade policies, skilled professional relocations and shifting customer demands.

Businesses look to reconfigure operating models in their search for value and growth. Failure to align operating models, tax, trade and financing structures with business goals can mean a loss of operational efficiencies and unnecessary costs. This then acts as a brake on competing and winning. Aligning all these elements during a change in business operations or diversification of supply chain locations will allow you to optimise profitability, increase efficiency and create a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Supply Chain Transformation can enable businesses to overcome challenges and compete successfully in complex business environments.

How we can help

  • We are a leading provider of SCT services in China and in Asia Pacific, with dedicated specialists locating in countries throughout the region. This Asia-wide presence allows us to leverage existing capabilities to support our clients where they are undertaking business change.​
  • Our multi-disciplinary team uniquely integrates inputs from a full complement of specialists - our professionals cover finance, operations and IT, trade and customs, tax and transfer pricing, as well as project and change management disciplines.​
  • In short, a supply chain transformed business delivers optimised operational performance and establishes a robust base for efficient growth in Asia.​
  • Optimising your business processes and systems to deliver competitive customer service can be a major challenge - parameters such as technology, labour mobility and legislation vary across jurisdictions, and can be in constant flux. SCT projects are driven by aligning strategic, operational and financial needs.​ 
  • We seek to help our clients improve their business models while relocating or redesigning activities. We do this through a coordinated approach of professional advice and implementation know-how.​
Supply Chain Transformation
Supply Chain Transformation

If your business has, or anticipates having, any of the following characteristics, then SCT will be of particular benefit:​

  • Recent inbound or outbound acquisitions or mergers;​

  • New lines of business or geographic expansion of production or operating base;​

  • Significant cross border investments in greenfield or existing production facilities, or other investments in product research and development or intellectual property;​

  • Multiple cross-border inter-company transactions: inconsistent effective tax rate and positions;​

  • A decentralised operating model with business pressures to do more on a regional or global basis, such as procurement, supply chain, customer pricing and contracts.​

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