US tax compliance and consulting services

Individual income tax compliance services

  • Assist in the preparation of Federal, State, and Local income tax returns, including the foreign information returns, foreign assets and foreign financial accounts reporting
  • Determination of US tax residency and filing requirements
  • Non-US individuals tax compliance services
  • Effective tax management on the application of US tax elections and tax treaty benefit claims
  • Assist in handling correspondences, enquiries, tax audits from the US tax authorities
  • Tax advisory services for the streamlined and delinquent tax filing compliance procedures and assist with filling and submission process

Tax planning for US founders in private equity/hedge funds/venture capital

  • US tax implication analysis for long-term equity incentive plans for the US senior executives, including structural analysis of the participation in various types of incentive plans/investment programs
  • Tax analysis for the founders and executives of their existing ownership of shares during or before the IPO
  • Tax analysis for the founders and executives’ US individual income tax implications with regards to their IPO restructures 

Executives’ compensation and tax planning

  • One-stop and high touch personal tax services to the high net-worth individual and executives with holistic solutions
  • Provide US tax consultation for executives’ equity incentive plans to avoid the double taxation impacts from multi-jurisdictions
  • Analysis of equity based/deferred compensation plans for US tax compliant
  • Tax cost simulations for the executives who have US tax residency
  • Tax optimisation between the interface of foreign tax credits and foreign earned income exclusions

Gift, estate, trust and pre-migration/expatriation

  • Analysis of US domiciliary for gift and estate tax purposes
  • Gift/Estate tax analysis, reporting requirements and compliance services
  • Tax advisory services on gift, estate and trust planning for US and foreign families with US assets/investments
  • Tax planning for pre-immigration
  • Tax compliance analysis on prior years tax returns and provide recommendations for the potential tax compliance issues before expatriation
  • Expatriation tax advisory and compliance services

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