Deal strategy

Our deal strategy professionals provide tailor-made and comprehensive solutions. We understand your needs, design best-fit deal strategy, and assist with target search and evaluation of deal value and feasibility.


Deal strategy

  • Identify deal focus and approach after a review of market attractiveness and deal feasibility, in line with the overall corporate strategic goals;
  • Help to build up investment management process and risk control system.

Target search

  • Identify target screening criteria;
  • Search and screen potential targets based on the agreed criteria.

In the deal

Synergy analysis

  • Analyse business model and key activities of both parties and identify potential synergies´╝Ť
  • Discuss and agree with the management the key initiatives and roadmap to achieving the synergies, and assist in quantifying the impact.

Feasibility study

  • Assist with feasibility study for green field investment, JV and M&A projects after a synthesis of findings from due diligence, market study and other third-party inputs.

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