Tax and financial structuring

Tax and financial structuring

Tax and financial structuring can help maximise your outbound investment value.

The objective of tax and financial structuring is to maximise your outbound investment value through designing tax efficient acquisition and holding structures and financial arrangements for your consideration.

We will comment on key tax implications, key tax pros and cons under each structuring option to facilitate your decision making. We will highlight the tax impacts of dividend repatriation and investment exit under each option. We will also seek to identify key tax structuring issues and suggest ways to manage them.

For the funding of your proposed outbound investment, we will design tax efficient financial structures to facilitate your equity and/or debt financing, as well as smooth the cash flow from your investment. Moreover, we can further assist in enhancing the value of your investment by designing a global or regional cash pool which could provide the flexibility for your overseas operations as well as future investment.

Our international tax specialists can help you improve tax efficiency for the outbound investment, highlight and assess tax and financial structuring risks, suggest ways to mitigate those risks and help you with designing suitable structures for the outbound investment to meet your objectives.
  • Recommending tax planning for investments involving China and other foreign tax jurisdictions
  • Providing tax advice based on jurisdictional tax regulations relating to:
    • Acquisition and holding structure options and strategies
    • Acquisition funding options and strategies
    • Value chain transformation
    • IP structure, licensing and R&D arrangement
    • Tax impact on future dividend repatriations
    • Tax impact on future sell down, listing or restructuring activities
    • Tax impact on financial arrangement