Financial advisory

Successful investing requires identification of opportunities, a comprehensive understanding of inherent complexities of cross-border transactions, co-ordination with all stakeholders of the investment, designing appropriate negotiation and bid strategies, and pro-active management of the overall transaction process.

Our financial advisory role on an M&A transaction can include:
  • Identifying value-enhancing opportunities and key outbound investment drivers and breakers
  • Integrating due diligence findings with key assumptions within projections
  • Assisting you with overall project management and co-ordination with various stakeholders
  • Helping you recognise greater investment value through better commercial investment structuring
  • Designing tactical strategy for bid and negotiation relating to the bidding rules and process for the transactions
  • Preparation of bid documents with price ranges driven from the valuation model and due diligence work
  • Facilitating your communication and negotiations with target companies, vendors and other third parties
  • Helping you better understand China and other target territory’s government/agencies filing and approval requirements
  • Facilitation of communication with government-related agencies in China or other target territories to obtain approval