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Post-deal integration and operational improvement are keys to protecting and enhancing value after completing your investment. Many outbound investments fail to create the expected shareholder value because the strategy expressed in the business plan is not executed immediately post-deal. From our experience, we understand that success is closely related to the chosen approach to integration. In overseas transactions, in particular, with the right choices made in the early stages of the transaction, the chances of success can be improved significantly. We help our clients accelerate the integration process to achieve synergies and return to the "normal business state" as soon as possible after the transaction. We assist in enhancing their understanding of the target company during due diligence to identify the opportunities and risks after the acquisition.

Our post-deal services are designed to help you take immediate control of the business and avoid value leakage through poor control, failure to achieve synergies, and unanticipated integration costs. We work with management pre-deal to identify the actions that will establish control and deliver value post-deal, devise a post-deal action plan (e.g., post-deal plan immediately after the closing and/or in a medium and long period) and support in the implementation.

Action plans may include:

  • Identifying the 20% of the actions that create 80% of the value, and managing the activities for priority actions
  • Transferring experienced staff to support management during the post-acquisition period
  • Stabilising the acquired business and secure the assets by establishing internal control systems
  • Establishing self-funding, value-creating incentive plans that drive shareholder value.

The video on the right shows why each integration needs to be treated differently, and how the strategic, tailor-made program will increase the chances of success.

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