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Startup owners are full of aspirations when they first start their businesses. However, as an enterprise grows, complicated issues can arise that require professional knowledge to manage appropriately.

PwC Startup live course is designed to equip new business owners with what they need to solve the types of financial and management issues that are frequently encountered by new businesses. The course consists of five modules, conducted by PwC experts specialised in equity incentives, tax optimisations, law, human resources, and valuation.

We aim to help you solve your complex problems by connecting in natural language, while demonstrating how to succeed with interactive experience sharing and practical case studies.

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Highlights of PwC Startup live course

  • Get five Startup live courses with ample hands-on practice
  • Courses specifically tailor-made for Startup
  • Gain critical competencies in solving common business problems
  • Course taught by PwC experts with 10+years working experience in the industry
  • Unique case studies for every topic covered

Five Modules of PwC Startup live course include:

  1. Have your equity incentive plan to motivate your talents
  2. Efficiency of tax planning management    
  3. How to avoid potential pitfalls in your labour contract  
  4. Ways to increase your valuation               
  5. Effective human resources management towards Startup         

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