Scaleup Accelerator

PwC Accelerator is the core programme on the PwC Innovation platform, focusing on industry and new technology. We collaborate with external strategic innovation partners and mobilise PwC's global network resources and professional services to help startups achieve their goals at home and abroad.

Road to GBA start-up Challenge

“Road to GBA start-up Challenge” is organised by Cyberport and PwC Hong Kong. The Challenge aims to build a more vibrant and diversified innovation and technology ecosystem, and empower the Greater Bay Area (GBA) to grow into an international innovation and technology hub, as well as to support and facilitate start-ups in obtaining potential business opportunities in the GBA market.

Winners of the Challenge will receive the below opportunities from Cyberport and PwC Hong Kong to expand the network and build important connections with potential clients, investors and partners:

  • Training and seminars on important topics such as financial reporting, taxation and law
  • One-on-one business consultation and mentorship from delegated PwC professionals
  • Connections with investors or GBA partners of Cyberport and PwC
  • Assistance in product commercialisation in the GBA
  • Visits to technology parks and partnering companies in the GBA. These opportunities will help winners expand their network and build important connections with potential clients, investors and partners.

Please click here for more details of the Challenge. 

Tech Raiser
Inspire. Connect. Invest.

Tech Raiser is a two-year fundraising programme jointly launched by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) and PwC Hong Kong(“PwC”) that aims to:

  • Build “star companies” – Technology companies will be equipped with investment and business knowledge enhancing their fundraising readiness, and will be connected to PwC’s clients and HKSTP’s network.
  • Expand Hong Kong’s investor community –Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas investors will get a quality deal flow, and traditional industry players will have opportunities to invest in the latest technologies or adopt innovative solutions.
  • Attract quality technology companies to land in Hong Kong

For more details of the programme, click here.

tech raiser

What would you get from Tech Raiser?


  • Intensive accelerator trainings to equip companies with necessary knowledge and tools. Topics include: Disruptive Innovation, Roadmap of Technology Companies under the New Economy, Entrepreneurial Successful Factors, Strategic Planning and Management, Investment Logic, Business Proposal Writing and Valuation Methodologies.
  • Industry trend sharing


  • Connect with reputable corporations and family businesses through PwC and HKSTP’s extensive network
  • Showcase to HKSTP network, PwC’s clients and members of PwC’s NextGen Club



  • Investment roadshows in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other China Cities
  • Promote within PwC’s Deal Sourcing Platform and HKSTP’s Investor Calendar

Testimonials from Cohort 1 participants

Through their industry expertise and extended network of connections, HKSTP and PwC has helped us more ways than a start-up company could ever hope for. It truly shows the value of this program – TO INSPIRE, TO CONNECT and TO INVEST. With both of their help, we are now closing our Series B round while at the same time, reshaping our company’s structure and addressing critical tax issues. On our way to a global expansion, the knowledge and expertise we have gained is certainly invaluable.” Abel Zhao - Cohort 1 participant

“The Tech Raiser Programme is the best in town giving you access to the top investors, a means to excel your fundraising abilities, and an opportunity to learn from real life experience of many successful start-ups.” William Yeung - Cohort 1 participant

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