Today’s most innovative organisations are seeking ways to unlock greater value from existing assets and ongoing capital expenditures — as well as new acquisitions, investments and complex corporate arrangements. At the same time, regulators are demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting, putting more emphasis on the importance of valuation and value analysis.

As the leading global valuation practice with over 100 dedicated valuation professionals in China and Hong Kong, we can help you understand what your business, shares or assets are worth in the context of your transactions, strategy decision making, financial reporting, dispute, tax planning or group restructure.

What issues are you facing and how can we help?

Considering a deal?

  • Fairness opinions and solvency opinions
  • Acquisition / disposal valuation advice and support
  • Valuation of relative joint venture contributions
  • Support for debt or equity raising
  • Deal pricing and scenario analyses
  • Shareholder value analysis based on strategic actions
  • Complex financial model build to evaluate project IRR or investment returns

Need to agree value for financial reporting?

  • Purchase price allocations for business acquisitions
    Impairment assessments of goodwill or assets
  • Fair value measurements of AFS, financial instruments, or other assets / liabilities
  • Assessment of shares or ESOPs for share based payments
  • Portfolio valuations for private equity, venture capital or investment funds

Involved in a dispute?

Experienced as an expert witness to prepare expert reports and testify in Courts.

Defending your position with tax authorities? Or in process of tax planning?

  • Business or asset valuations for assessment of tax implications and optimization of internal restructuring
  • Preparation of PRC tax-related statutory valuations
  • Support negotiation with local tax authorities

Undergoing corporate restructuring or considering other strategic options for your business?

  • Assess and quantify strategic / investment options so as to optimize Management’s business plans
  • Analysis of current business portfolio to facilitate Management’s consideration to develop, expand or dispose of a product / business line
  • Market benchmarking analysis
  • Create a flexible financial model to capture Management’s various strategic options and ascertain their corresponding value impact

What type of assets can we value?


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