M&A tax and structuring - Manage tax exposure and achieve tax efficiency


We are your tax advisor in the deal process and help you to identify tax risks, explore tax planning schemes, and design solutions.


Why PwC?

  • Our global network;
  • Integrated delivery system;
  • Broad based M&A services;
  • Delivery of services throughout all phases of an M&A transaction.

How we could help

Our M&A tax professionals are organised in industry-specific teams to provide the broad-based knowledge you need in capturing the upside potentials and downside risks in the advent of major M&A transactions.

How we could help you through the deal cycle:

Evaluating Deals

  • Understand tax attributes of target
  • Assess historical tax risk
  • Seek solution and protection

Holding Structures

  • Choose China investment vehicles
  • Design investor’s holding structure

Funding Options

  • Capital contributions
  • Local financing options
  • Technology injection


  • Contract review
  • Negotiation support

Executing Deals

  • Corporate establishment
  • Obtain approvals
  • Regulatory compliance

Exit Strategy

  • Dividend remittance
  • Exit tax planning and compliance support
  • Ownership transfer

Contact us

Jeremy Ngai

Jeremy Ngai

China South Tax Leader, PwC Hong Kong

Tel: +[852] 2289 5616

Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang

China International Tax Service Leader, China North Global Structuring Service Leader, PwC China

Tel: +[86] (10) 6533 3331

May Zhou

May Zhou

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Tel: +[86] (21) 2323 3108

Lear  Mei

Lear Mei

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Tel: +[852] 2289 3090

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