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For every major investment decision, you would need a deal strategy to ensure the investment decision is sound, investment risks are manageable, and deal value can be created.  Whether your organization is investing in a new company, industry or market, or contemplating a strategic business restructuring, or evaluating the commercial attractiveness and risks of a deal, or thinking about value creation post-deal, our impact-focused Deals Strategy professionals, who have unique blend of investment deals advisory and strategy consulting experience, can support you to make and execute on those complex but strategic investment decisions.


China market entry strategy

We support many multi-national companies to develop their China market entry strategy by assessing the China market opportunities, competition and regulatory trends, evaluating internal capabilities and resources, validating and prioritizing potential market entry options, which typically will involve M&A and partnership besides considering green field options.  We have extensive experience in assisting our clients in the subsequent M&A, partnership target or site selection, as well as analyzing the financial implications for the prioritized market entry options.

Overseas market entry strategy 

Chinese outbound investment activities have been very active in recent years.  Chartering into new territories of a foreign market for the first time for many Chinese companies, it is critical to have a solid investment and strategy plan for the overseas market entry.  Country and market segment prioritization are typically the first steps that we can assist, leveraging on PwC global network reach and resources. We are also very experienced in guiding the overseas investment evaluation and strategic business planning, drawing on our accumulated outbound investment deal experience and lessons learned.

Transformation strategy

China is in a new normal period in which market growth has slowed, technological changes are fast, competition is keener, and costs are rising.  Both domestic and multi-national companies operating in China are often faced with transformation challenges, for which strategic investment decisions need to be made to either survive or thrive.  We have proven strategic business portfolio assessment methodology and investment evaluation benchmarking database to assist in such strategic transformation, often involving organic expansion, M&A, JV, carve-out, spin-off, or divesture.

Investment feasibility study

For any major corporate investment, be it a new plant investment, or a potential technology commercialization, or an investment that requires both commercial and financial planning and validation, our team can assist in undertaking an investment feasibility study to support the investment decision making and design top-level deal structure if so desired.  We have also experience in developing such investment feasibility report for regulatory approval purpose.

M&A and partnership strategy

China market and industry consolidation is an on-going process in many sectors. You either lead the consolidation, or may risk being consolidated or eliminated.  We can help in assessing potential M&A and partnership opportunities, advising and supporting the execution of a strategic deal.

Target search and screen

Whether you are identifying and evaluating potential targets for M&A, JV, alliance, or physical sites for greenfield investment, our team has the on-the-ground resources and knowledge base to support you in a systematic search and screen exercise, involving both strategic assessment and quantitative benchmarking and prioritization using scoring models.

Commercial due diligence

We provide commercial due diligence support, helping to analyze target industry investment attractiveness, assess target company competitiveness, evaluate target financial and business plans, and validate value creation opportunities.  We often provide CDD along with FDD, TDD, LDD, ODD and HRDD in an integrated approach with other PwC teams.

Post-deal value creation plan

We can support you in developing a post-deal value creation strategic plan to capture and maximize deal value.  We have proven experience in delivering strategic and implementable business plan, along with detailed measurable financial targets and justification, in an accelerated timeline to fit a deal requirement.

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