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The administration of someone’s estate after their death can be a challenging and complex job, particularly if the deceased has accumulated substantial assets during their lifetime. Added to this, it is not uncommon for disputes and litigation to arise between beneficiaries relating to the administration and distribution of the estate in Hong Kong and overseas.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who can offer a wide range of value-added services to help deal with and overcome these challenges. Whether appointed by the Court or a beneficiary of the estate as the personal representative of the deceased, we can help clarify issues and will endeavour to help resolve any disputes as quickly as circumstances allow.


Potential issues

  • as the owner of the estate, you want to ensure that your assets will be managed and looked after by a reliable person in an efficient manner and that your family is appropriately cared for after your death
  • as a personal representative of the deceased (i.e. an executor or administrator), you need to know your rights and obligations in administering the estate
  • as a beneficiary of the estate, you want to ensure the estate will be managed independently and appropriately, and that distributions are made in a fair and timely manner
  • as a personal representative or beneficiary, you might need to hire an independent third party to provide the necessary professional services and advice to bring about a fair resolution of any potential or existing disputes among the beneficiaries.

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As administrators:

We assume control of, and manage the estate's assets until such time as any disputes are resolved or the estate's assets are distributed in accordance with settlement terms or a Court Order. Our role in such situations may extend to managing any business entities forming part of  the estate with the aim of ensuring that their value is preserved.

As advisors to the personal representative of the deceased:

We can help you manage the Estate's financial position within the framework of your legal duties to the beneficiaries. We can also assist by summarising and reporting on the Estate's financial position, either at a specific point in time or over an extended period of time, if required.

As advisors to the beneficiaries:

We can review and critically appraise any report on the Estate prepared by a personal representative of the beneficiaries. We can also advise the beneficiaries on other aspects of the Estate including its administration.

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Our experience

Estate of Nina Kung

We were appointed by the Court as the joint administrators of the estate in 2012. Ms Nina Kung was the sole owner and chairperson of property developer, Chinachem Group. The assets of her estate, including the ownership of the group, are of substantial value. Our work includes oversight of the underlying businesses of the group and taking steps to protect and preserve the assets of the estate.

Estate of Wang Teh Huei

We were appointed by the Court as the joint administrators of the estate for the period from 2000 to 2005 and again in 2012. The late Mr Wang was the husband of Ms Nina Kung and was the former chairman of the Chinachem Group until his disappearance in 1990. Assets in the name of the deceased were very substantial and our primary role was to protect and preserve assets.


  • Estate of Mr A – the estate’s assets are located in Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, and the US, with an estimated value of over HKD1 billion. We are required to initiate legal actions to recover certain assets of the estate in the US.

  • Estate of Mr B – our work included resolving the claims made by various individuals in Hong Kong and China that they are the natural children of the deceased. It also included overseeing the family business.

  • Estate of Mr and Mrs C – we were successful in taking legal actions against the former administrator and third parties, which resulted in substantial sums being recovered for the estate.

  • Estate of Mr D – the estate’s assets included property and land in Hong Kong with an estimated value over HKD700 million. Our work included the review and investigation of transactions covering a period of 20 years.

  • Estate of Mr E – the deceased was the founder and chairman of a private Hong Kong retail group with an extensive global presence. We were engaged to help the client identify, segregate and classify financial transactions between the deceased and his group companies over a period of 10 years.


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