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In recent years, many distinctive companies in different industries have successfully ridden the wave of digitalisation.

However, the digital journey for most companies is not always smooth. It often requires companies to overcome many challenges to achieve their ideal objectives, and the lack of digital leadership maturity makes it difficult for them to effectively address these challenges.

PwC believes that organisational leadership development is one of the key elements that can help companies achieve ‘quality change, efficient change and powerful change’. A well-evolved leadership team can guide the direction and ensure the success of digital transformation.

Three most common leadership challenges in driving digitalisation

Lack of a clear picture and vision for achieving success in digitalisation.
Difficulty in creating an atmosphere of creativity, curiosity, discussion and tolerance for failure.
Failure to recognise the ‘inconsistency’ between the digital strategy and the current organisational structure and system

Digital leadership model for digital transformation strategies

The success of an organisation’s digital transformation largely depends on the digital leadership of the core management team both at middle and senior levels. Whether an organisation has achieved initial digital transformation goals, needs further breakthroughs, or is still in the exploration and testing phase, the right digital leadership model is critical.

PwC's unique digitalising leadership model, combined with experience and theoretical research in business innovation, enterprise digitalisation, people and organisational management, leadership shaping, change management, and more, is designed to paint a dynamic picture and successful model for future digital leaders, either collectively or individually.

The model includes the six leadership dimensions or qualities:


China Digitalising Leadership Programme

The China Digitalising Leadership Programme is an unique leadership training and development programme offered by PwC China. The programme is designed with the vision of ‘digitally intelligent leaders leading the future’, with the aim of shaping future leadership in the digital era. It focuses on the specific conditions of Chinese companies.

The programme provides digital leadership research, diagnosis, training, promotion courses and other services tailored to the needs of companies and organisations. Through research and diagnosis, we identify companies’ pain points and plateau in cultivating digital leadership. We then integrate classroom learning, lectures, seminars, case studies, thematic tasks and other methods to help enterprises take the lead in digital transformation and strengthen their leadership for the future.

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