Change consensus and value creation

Achieving business leaders who lead the change and create the future

In the new era of rapid change, where change itself is the only constant, it is essential to respond promptly to the macro-environmental and market changes when considering strategic transformation and organisational change. As change becomes the ‘new normal’ for companies, organisations must constantly push their boundaries and evolve to achieve sustainable growth.

PwC believes that business leaders, as change enablers, are also facing unprecedented challenges. Rethinking change leadership and defining the core targets for leadership development in the new era are essential for companies that want to navigate uncertainty and achieve their grand visions.

The three most common leadership challenges in driving organisational change:

  • Lack of a clear vision, direction and roadmap for change
  • Failure of leadership to build consensus around the vision and direction of change and to provide top-down guidance
  • A corporate culture that fails to embrace and adapt to change

Leading change leadership model

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, embracing and leading change is essential for both established and growing organisations. It is the key to envisioning, building, and creating the future. In the midst of change, the core management team at the middle and senior levels plays a crucial role in leading the way and steering the organisation towards success.

PwC's leading change leadership model combines experience and theoretical research in business innovation, business digitalisation, people and organisation management, leadership shaping, change management and more. It aims to create a dynamic picture of a leader who can lead a company to achieve quick wins in the face of challenges and help the company to transform and reinvent itself. The model provides leaders the opportunity to experience and learn from it, facilitating their growth as effective change leaders.

The model includes six ‘contradictory’ qualities or leadership qualities:

领导力 素质

To navigate changing challenges effectively, leaders must develop a solid foundation of thinking and awareness that is crucial to successfully balancing the six ‘contradictory’ traits:

  • Self-reflection
  • Embracing change
  • Growth mindset
  • Inclusive thinking

China Change Leadership Programme

The China Change Leadership Programme is designed to help business leaders lead change and shape the future with the vision of ‘change consensus and value creation’. The programme is tailored to the unique conditions of each company.

The programme provides change leadership assessment and diagnosis, result interpretation, process guidance, training and other services, based on the specific needs of companies. Through research and diagnosis, we will identify the change leadership problems faced by companies. Focusing on the six ‘contradictory’ qualities, we integrate classroom learning, assessment and interpretation, case studies, thematic tasks and other methods to help companies take the lead in digital transformation and improve their leadership for the future.

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