SAP Risk and Controls - System reliability and integrity to drive business performance

Driving business value from your SAP investment

Focused on the day-to-day concerns of the business, management often feels too busy to ask if they’re getting all they can from their SAP implementation. So a company – maybe yours – will invest millions in an enterprise solution that’s supposed to streamline processes, introduce efficiencies and simplify reporting. Then, after the dust settles, the same leaders are wondering what they got for the (substantial) money. Why there are still so many manual functions? Why is information no more reliable than before?

Whether identifying segregation of duty conflicts, monitoring and securing access or managing transactions, we can help establish the right mix of automation and manual techniques to drive the system integrity and trust you need to successfully operate. PwC helps you address key issues: 

  • How to identify segregation of duty conflicts and what is adequate 
  • How to balance the inconvenience of access controls and productivity 
  • How to monitor the use of powerful system functions and unauthorised access to confidential information on a continuous basis 

2018 SAP Innovation Award Winner

PwC's Enterprise Insights is proud to be chosen as an SAP Innovation Award winner for Process Innovation. The awards celebrate the achievements of top companies and people across the globe that using SAP platform technologies to transform their business, drive innovation and win in the digital economy.


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