PwC + Oracle are redefining Hospitality Management in the Cloud

PwC has helped hospitality companies around the world to leverage Oracle technologies to transform their businesses and drive business value through finance. Many hospitality companies are faced with challenges from outdated financial systems to reporting gridlocks and are looking to the Cloud to help modernise their operations. PwC has developed our Hospitality Model System to help address these challenges and streamline their journey to the cloud.

Holistic hospitality solutions empowered by PwC’s Hospitality Model Systems

We’ve approached our hospitality client’s issues with the PwC philosophy that technology should always enable and the client business drivers should always lead. Bringing together PwC’s extensive industry acumen and Oracle’s innovative cloud technologies, we have created the PwC Hospitality Model System: our solution framework which helps clients exploit technology to work for them and empower business transformations.

PwC Hospitality Model System is our holistic solution approach aligned with industry business objectives to help clients run more impactful projects for less and realise significant cost savings in their operations. Using our proprietary methods and tools, our model system provides clients tailored “out of the box” cloud functionality which accelerates implementations and maximise ROI.

With the PwC Hospitality Model System and Oracle Cloud, we’re working with our clients to pave the way through the next generation in technology. By combining industry expertise with enabling technology PwC has created our Hospitality Model System in order to let us, let technology work for you.

How PwC Predictable Value focuses on business outcomes in hospitality

PwC’s Hospitality Model System helps deliver implementation, process and industry excellence to our clients. However, our model system guides each client engagement uniquely. We align our model system solution with our clients’ business needs and objectives and focus on business outcomes rather than just implementing a technology solution. We call this holistic approach PwC’s Predictable Value.

Our Predictable Value approach is defining a new way to deliver and support hospitality clients with Oracle technology. PwC’s Predictable Value service offerings to the hospitality industry demonstrate desired business outcomes – value, speed, focus and agility – and provides the roadmap to our clients to support their business transformations:

Value: drive down administrative and technology costs while gaining timely insight into operational performance

Speed: leverage project accelerators from the PwC Hospitality Model System to reduce implementation time and streamline financial processes

Focus: unite full range of hospitality, finance process and Oracle technology services to help modernise client IT infrastructure

Agility: real-time reporting and analytics enables clients to make quicker critical business decisions

Modernising a Luxury Hotel and Resort Chains’ financials with PwC Hospitality Model System

Today, the hospitality industry faces challenges maintaining costly outdated financial systems and infrastructure which prohibit the flexibility and agility businesses require.

Leveraging insights from working with hospitality companies around the world, PwC has developed our Hospitality Model System solution for Oracle Cloud to address these challenges head on and provide process improvement along the way for our clients.

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