Treasury management and fund management

End-to-end treasury management solution services from business design to system implementation

At present, the treasury management of advanced enterprises is developing towards asset liability management and optimisation of group resources allocation. When determining resources allocation, the business and assets of the group are evaluated from the perspective of capital, with a view to optimising investment portfolio, minimising the risk and maximising the benefits of the company. In order to meet the needs of rapid development of the group, the group treasury management needs to establish a complete and advanced management system as soon as possible.

Supported by professionals from industrial industry, financial institutions, financial risks and capital technology in more than 150 countries, PwC was named the Best Treasury Consultant for 15 years running by Treasury Management International in 2015.

With rich experience in treasury services, we help Chinese enterprises to transform and upgrade their capital management business. We provide end-to-end treasury management solution services from business design to system implementation. As early as the system design process, we have started to optimise the workflow of treasury management from the business side in order to form a unified and standardised management process that can improve operational efficiency, and reduce operational risks and control costs.

How we can help:    

  • Designing treasury management business
    Starting from strategy and positioning, we take into consideration cash and liquidity management, investment and financing management and financial risk management when designing treasury management business. Organisational structure, division of duties and performance assessment are the bases of the implementation of treasury management system.
  • Implementing treasury management system based on customer management needs
    Development and implementation of the treasury management system includes demand and blueprint design, system selection, project supervision and the implementation of the treasury management system.
    PwC has the expertise and market knowledge to provide comprehensive support for treasury management system, find the best solution and ensure that the system is successfully implemented on time.
    We are committed to managing value-creating operating treasury, realising centralised or distributed treasury management and monitoring, providing financial support for businesses, reducing financial costs, improving the efficiency of capital transactions and managing treasury risks centrally.

PwC’s integrated treasury management platform template

Composed of treasury management plan and business process and drawing on successful cases in the industry, PwC’s treasury management platform helps customers to implement the treasury management system efficiently and reduce implementation risks.

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