Enterprise performance management

Enterprise performance management (EPM) is one of the most widely used management tools for global group enterprises, and it is also an effective means to assist corporate strategy execution

In recent years, global finance functions have transformed from “basic accounting” to “business finance”. Companies have increasing demand for optimised enterprise performance management tools which cover strategic objectives analysis, comprehensive budget management, business analysis and management reporting, control strategy implementation, and performance evaluation system, as well as the improvement of corporate culture, management control mechanism, data governance, system architecture, financial processes and other supporting systems.

Making use of the continuously evolving big data trends and intelligent technology, PwC’s financial management consulting team provides a one-stop service, covering extensive customer services from “all-round management consulting” to “intelligent system implementation”.

How we can help:    

  • Business planning and comprehensive budgeting
    Fully utilising our strong industry experiences, PwC provides tailored consulting services to our corporate clients based on each of their own company progression. We provide consulting services including annual target measurement, objective analysis, business plan, budgeting, budget analysis, budget control strategy, etc., as well as the implementation services of the comprehensive budget management system based on “Internet Thinking”. Our planning and budgeting services provide a solid foundation for enterprises to achieve integrated operations from strategy to operation to finance.
  • Business analysis and management report
    In recent years, rapidly growing medium and large-sized enterprises in China are gradually setting higher demands for business analysis and management reports that support internal decision-making. We employ leading technologies to provide insightful management report consulting, intelligent data analysis model, and agile system platform to help enterprises gradually enter into the "digital decision-making era".
  • Statutory financial report
    Our professional team also provides consulting services for high-quality, high-efficiency, multi-criteria, multi-level, multi-currency statutory financial reports and system implementation services to assist medium and large-sized group enterprises to regularly issue consolidated financial reports that meet statutory requirements.
  • Enterprise performance system optimisation
    Combining strategic objectives analysis and planned budget execution under closed-loop management, we utilise PwC's industry performance indicator database to provide performance management system optimisation services for our clients based on with their individual status to support sound development of enterprises. Optimisation services include balanced scorecard, performance index improvement and management mechanism.
  • Business finance standardisation
    To complement the implementation of management accounting system and to effectively guarantee high quality enterprise management, we provide standardised consulting services to the enterprise's financial integration management as well as supervision services for system standardisation in combination with front-end business processes, business management standards, financial requirements, internal control compliance and more.

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