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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) manages all aspects of physical assets across your enterprise to support your organizational strategic plan and to optimize ROI in a sustainable, safe and compliant manner.

Over the past 30 years, PwC has accumulated great amount of experience after successful EAM/ ERP implementations for asset intensive companies (such as nuclear plants), all around the world, especially in Europe and the U.S. 

We have established a wealth of global technology, knowledge & assets, which have been or can be brought to China to support the development of EAM utilization at Chinese companies. These assets include our EAM / ERP solution. In China, PwC has successfully applied the EAM/ERP solution in the flagship nuclear plant of leading nuclear corporation in China and subsequently helped five other nuclear plants under the same corporation apply the same standard EAM/ ERP solution, whilst personalizing design and configuration according to customized demands.



Our team

Our EAM team is led by dedicated partners and a range of specialists who come from multiple industries, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This localized team has deep EAM insight from decades of experience in its application, and is ready to help you to transform your business. 

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