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Who we are

Your professional guides in collaborative and creative problem solving

PwC’s Catalyst Experience is…

Catalyst is a new approach to consulting. It is a highly interactive conference style event designed for 20-60 leaders held in a personalised, out-of-office environment. It instantly creates real stakeholder buy-in and alignment by breaking down cultural and hierarchical barriers. We work closely with you to design the Catalyst event so we can develop the best solution together. This approach condenses months of work and meetings into only a few days.

We help you to…

Identify your organisation’s issues and design a creative and effective solution. Working together with our Catalyst experts, we will explore ideas, unlock your 'group genius' and solve your toughest business issues. Fast.

We are different because…

Right People
Our Catalyst professionals work with your business experts, sharing different perspectives and presenting them in different ways


Tailored Approach
Each collaborative session is a personalised experience based on your unique circumstances and needs


Bespoke Environment
Our Catalyst environments are open and creative workspaces that help break down hierarchies and encourage new ideas

How we do it

We work collaboratively with you every step of the way - combining our creative solution design process with your specialist experience – to help you attain decision by design.

Meet the team

Courtney Brand
Solution Designer
+[86] 21 2323 2093

James Cutchin
Lead Knowledge Worker & Operations
+[852] 2289 5013

Jane Lam
Knowledge Worker
+[852] 2289 3736

Scott Likens
+[852] 2289 6300

Wentao Chan
+[86] 21 2323 2512



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