Technology risk management

Building resilience in your digital environment to mitigate possible risks in cybersecurity, privacy protection or cloud transformation etc

How we can help

You need confidence that your technology capabilities will protect what's important and drive business growth. We can help build resilience in your digital environment to mitigate risks – including cyber threats – and ensure you gain maximum value from your technology investments, so you can respond quickly to new opportunities.



Helping you to build resilience so you can confidently adapt and grow

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Cloud transformation and trust

Cloud transformation and trust

Unlocking the true value of cloud transformation

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Managed security services

Managed security services

Offering a unique combination of on-premise and centrally coordinated capabilities designed to free your IT and security teams to focus on improving your business security posture

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Client issues we address


Building a resilient digital business

We are uniquely positioned to work across the technology lifecycle - including strategy setting and assessment, technical implementation, and regular testing and optimisation.


Working together from discovery to recovery

Whether you are just starting out with your technology transformation programme or have hit a crisis and need to turn it around, we can rapidly assess the current status and create a practical implementation roadmap that ensures you get the most from your investment.


A new way of tackling cyber risk

Cyber threats are a high priority for global CEOs, so we can help rethink your approach to cyber risk, including creating a data-led framework for risk management and governance, improved controls assurance, simplified risk report, and rapid risk reduction through our managed cyber defence (MCD) service.


Dark Lab

As more people, products and services become connected, the need to proactively address cybersecurity and privacy risks has never been more urgent. A nuanced understanding of motivations and tactics of both internal and external cyber adversaries is vital to anticipate and detect cyber threats.

Dark lab was designed and built to simulate real life hacking scenarios and help mitigate the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Our 280+ cyber security professionals are equipped with a range of skills and expertise, in 24x7 security monitoring, cyber attack simulation, incident response handling, purple teaming, etc., who are ready to help companies build a tailored, next generation cybersecurity defense.

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