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From uncovering corruption and fraud to managing disputes and crises, or from responding to regulatory requirement to dealing with financial crime, we are here to help you respond to unforeseen risks.


How we can help

Fraud Investigation

For nearly two decades, PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey has been biennially surveying companies to better understand fraud, corruption and other economic crimes. Over the years we have seen some trends change, some issues remain pervasive, and new approaches emerge in response to economic crime. One thing that remains clear, however, is that fraud in all its forms remains a serious concern.

There is a need for continued vigilance and effective responses to fraud allegations and incidents. Increasingly sophisticated anti-fraud measures are also needed to fight back against economic crimes that have proven resistant to traditional anti-fraud techniques.

Fraud risk management and fraud prevention

Minimising regulatory enquiries, fraud and business disputes through carefully planned preventive measures is far more cost-effective than remediation. Companies not only face fraud risks from within, but also when entering into business relationships with new parties, investing in capital projects, or when acquiring another existing business entity, in particular those operating in different jurisdictions where local regulations may not be as explicit or tangible.

Our pro-active services are designed for responsible and progressive organisations that decide to conduct pro-active Fraud Risk Assessments to assess and manage such risks before problems surface. We can review proposed acquisition targets, subcontractors and agents to test for compliance issues or risks in accordance with SOX 404, FCPA and other anti-bribery legislation.

Computer forensics

Our forensic technology specialists are trained in the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic data. We conduct the seizure and capture of digital data in a forensically sound manner. The processes and software tools we use are specialised for this purpose, and consistent with those utilised by international law enforcement agencies and accepted by the courts in most countries.

Using our globally developed proprietary tools, commercial tools and dedicated forensic laboratories worldwide, our team is experienced in handling and processing enormous volumes of e-mail, electronic user files and financial transaction data typically stored by large corporations.

Disputes and claims

In today’s environment, disputes seldom revolve around a single aspect of expertise and knowledge. Instead, they often demand a multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary approach. We provide insights from both technical and pragmatic perspectives, with a view to empowering a better judgement.

Our strength comes from a team of professionals experienced in dealing with disputes and claims involving technical matters of forensic accounting, valuation and economics; and we work with industry specialists across the global PwC network to respond to your needs. Whether you are already in or contemplating a dispute, we work closely with you to plan the best response and deal with it effectively. If matters do go to trial, our team can help you every step of the way.

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Forensics data analytics

In an increasingly digitised world, instances of fraud and electronic crime are becoming more common. Using advanced forensic technology encompassing communication and data analytics, we analyse your information in order to discover meaningful patterns, measure historic events or predict the likelihood of future ones to provide you with the answers that you need, can easily understand and, if necessary, rely on in court.

Anti-bribery and corruption

Companies taking opportunities in transitional and developing countries must frequently deal with unfamiliar geographic territories and foreign governments where lines between official and non-official status are not always evident. Non-compliance in such jurisdictions can expose a company to unforeseen risk, and even civil and criminal penalties.

Our Forensic Services practice provides confidential, global resources to assist organisations with implementing and/or assessing compliance programmes, as well as supporting companies that may be subject to regulatory review.

Background research services

We provide background research into companies and individuals in Greater China to help you manage regulatory and reputation risks, make better informed decisions, and pursue strategic opportunities with greater confidence.

Our bilingual research combines the use of public record and subscription database information sources in Mainland China and Hong Kong with our own proprietary search methods.

Intellectual property and licensing management

Intellectual Property (IP), in the form of patents, trademarks and copyright is often a company's greatest asset, essential for maintaining the value of its business. Only recently have companies begun to understand the importance of extracting the maximum value from their IP in terms of managing licensing and other contractual arrangements.

Our expertise is highly valued in many industries, including software/technology, entertainment, media and publishing, luxury goods, biotech/pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications.

While we work primarily with licensors, we also assist licensees by reviewing royalty agreements, ensuring compliance and, if necessary, resolving disputes.

Insurance claims

We have experience in both claims preparation (on behalf of policyholders) and in claims review (on behalf of the insurer). In all cases, we provide a balanced quantification based on reasonable assumptions and sound financial analysis.

Using its considerable and wide-ranging expertise in property, profits and liability insurance and its knowledge of key industries, our team of insurance and forensic accounting experts can assist corporate clients, insurers, re-insurers, brokers and lawyers in the review, analysis and resolution of larger and more complex insurance claims.

Client issues we address

Fight bribery and corruption

Anti-bribery and corruption
Empower your organisation to mitigate damage and emerge stronger.

Combat fraud and economic crime

Claims and disputes
Reach resolution with trusted guidance from objective, experienced sector specialists.

Prepare for and respond to crisis

Work beside you to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from misconduct and crisis.

Conduct forensic investigation and discovery

Fraud and economic crime
Identify exposure, improve your protection, and prevent potentially catastrophic events.

Manage claims and disputes

Forensic investigation and discovery
Advanced forensic technology will help you improve your recovery and reduce future risk.

regulatory actions

Licensing management
Maximising the value of your intellectual property in terms of managing licensing and other contractual arrangements.

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