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As cybersecurity has become increasingly important for organisations to stay competitive. Early detection of security holes is crucial to prevent cyber attacks and identify immediate solutions for your organisation. There is, however, inefficiency in the vulnerability process of many organisations.

Ethical Hack Bot is an integrated platform using robotics technology to automate and strengthen your threat and vulnerability management process.

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What does Ethical Hack Bot do for you?

It helps you discover asset and manage your asset in the same way as configuration management database

You can perform security health checks on your critical systems regularly and automatically

It keeps tracks of all remediation status of outstanding issues in real-time

It acts as project manager to make sure all issues are handled consistently and timely

You can check real-time status in a single dashboard anywhere and anytime

The platform allows you to control access in need-to-know basis

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To manage Cyber threats effectively, it's better to be pro-actively searching for and fixing security weaknesses in our culture, process and technologies, rather than re-acting to attack. This is offensive security orchestration, the era of Ethical Hack Bot.

Kok Tin Gan, Cybersecurity and Privacy Partner

3 reasons to choose Ethical Hack Bot


  • Automatic scanning and reporting
  • Generate vulnerability reports
  • Send notifications
  • Integrate with multiple vendor scanning tools, for example: Acunetix, Nessus, PwC proprietary scripts such as Crypto-mining discoverer, Credential Grabber and Privacy Policy Scanner
  • Cost saving 

Speeds up vulnerability assessment process

  • Identify common vulnerabilities across applications
  • Share knowledge among web developers
  • Reduce communication with automated email notifications 

Prioritises tasks

  • Track progress across applications from a single dashboard and consistent workflows
  • Prioritise tasks and drive actions for all relevant stakeholders

Find out more how Ethical Hack Bot can make a difference to your organisation

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Case study: MNC cosmetics companies can now focus on their job, thanks to Ethical Hack Bot

One of our client has overseas branches across 10 Asia pacific countries. It’s very time consuming to consolidate all the scan results and present the cybersecurity postures to the management on a timely basis. Even worse, some high risk findings were left unattended and forgot to remediate, which may create a critical impact to the company.

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