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As cloud computing, 5G and emerging technologies offer radical transformation opportunities, the increasing pace of change is creating a race for businesses to become a leader in the telecommunications industry. To help telecom companies maximise their opportunities, we bring effective insights, solutions and expertise into the heart of the digital transformation sweeping the telecommunications industry in China. Delivering on the potential digital and data offers requires the people and strategy to create lasting commercial advantage.

Our community of solvers can help you bridge the gap between digital use cases and the underlying infrastructure, and create new values for your business. We collaborate with you to manage the complex challenges telecoms face in an era of expanding networks, explosive connectivity, increasing mobility and sky-high expectations. Underpinned by support on deals, tax, regulatory matters and audits to move forward.

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Dora Song

Dora Song

Mainland China Telecommunications Leader, PwC China

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Loretta Fong

Loretta Fong

Mainland China and Hong Kong Sustainability Deputy Leader, PwC Hong Kong

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