Our services across the food trust value chain

Building trust

A focus on food safety culture, ethics and compliance to give people greater confidence in your food.

Growth strategy

A suite of strategic growth planning, deal consulting and due diligence services to assist companies position and execute their growth plans.

Food fraud

We’ll help you understand your susceptibility to fraud and act to identify, assess and improve your supply chain resilience.

Food safety systems and traceability

We’ll assist you to develop and implement traceability tools and frameworks to increase your resilience and customer confidence across your supply chain with our traceability and process improvement solutions.


We’ll assist your understanding of the relevant regulatory requirements and industry guidance to design and implement good practice systems and processes.

Supply chain integrity

We’ll help you take control by evaluating your vulnerabilities to disruptive events and support you in taking steps to enhance the resilience of your supply chain.

Crisis management

We’ll assist your company to manage and build its reputation by preparing for and managing crisis event situations relating to food security, safety and quality (including relevant processes and controls testing, identifying remedial actions and product recall).

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