Venture and Growth Hub

Crypto and web3 startups: Laying strong foundations for your growth journey

A crypto and web3 startup service hub for entrepreneurs and investors 

PwC Venture and Growth Hub works closely with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, incubators, financial institutions, and government organisations to foster a strong network of ecosystems. We intend to deliver long-term impact by adopting a tailored approach through providing solutions and services which enable both crypto and web3 businesses as well as investors to achieve sustained outcomes. 

build venture growth




Common issues and challenges startups face

Complex regulations, stiff competition as well as portfolio risk management concerns from investors and industry partners among others are common challenges in this rapidly developing ecosystem.

Leveraging our global network and wealth of industry experience, we provide a suite of tailored advisory services for both startups and investors to help spur innovation and expedite growth, while enabling your business to remain competitive and compliant.

How can we help you across your startup lifecycle

We understand that each step of the startup lifecycle requires strategic planning and design. PwC will advise and provide you with solutions and services which best fit your business needs in each lifecycle phase.

build venture growth

We help you establish a solid foundation and set up your business for long-term success.

  • Crypto accounting
  • Initial legal and tax consideration
  • Go-to-market strategy and customer experience journey
  • Business plan development including operating model design and financial projections


As your business gains momentum, we assist you on your institutional journey.

  • Legal and compliance
  • Capital raising
  • Governance risk and controls
  • Financial reporting


We help late-stage scale-ups to explore various exit opportunities and maximise value on exit.

  • Sell-side due diligence and health check
  • Sell-side acquisition advisory
  • IPO readiness and audit

How we meet your needs

  • Portfolio management: Investors minimise value erosion by providing hands-on operational expertise and support to their portfolio companies. However, investors should work towards setting up operational support capabilities that are scalable, value-adding, and accessible by portfolio companies regardless of their growth stage. Through our in-house operations toolkit we help investors consistently factor operational considerations into the startup investment process
  • Global deal flow networks: Leveraging our extensive connections and global relationships, we are committed to providing you with a customised and tailored deal flow experience. Our dedicated team curates a diverse range of deals which aligns with your specific investment preferences and objectives.
  • Due diligence: The crowded startup industry can be challenging to navigate. We can help you validate startup potential with due diligence in areas including tax, commercial, financial, operations and risk, legal and compliance, and ESG.

  • Capital raising: Fundraising for your startup can be complicated. Our capital raising services are designed to hold your hands and guide you through the complex and overwhelming process every step of the way. Our services aim to assist startups in raising capital by ensuring that they are fully prepared for their investor raise.
  • Tax: Given the diversity of talent and business opportunities globally, your group may have wide footprint from a tax perspective. By leveraging the technical capabilities and experience of our global network specialists in the crypto and web3 space, our services can help your group navigate the increasingly complex international tax environment.
  • Accounting: Accounting can be a complex and challenging aspect of running a startup, especially when it comes to pulling together financial information that can be understood by investors whilst being mindful of accounting rules. Our advisory toolkit provides clients with the tools and resources they need to best understand how their business model fits into accounting guidelines. We work with startups to review their financial information and identify areas where they can improve their accounting practices.
  • Cyber, risk and governance: In a rapidly changing business environment, it is essential to have proper cyber, risk, governance, and controls in place to minimise value erosion. Our services are designed to support growing startups by ensuring that they have the appropriate processes in place to manage risk effectively ensuring privacy and consumer protection. We work with startups to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  • Legal and regulatory: Identifying the next unicorn is just the start of the journey in startup investing. Equipped with local knowledge and a globally connected legal and regulatory network, our lawyers can help you navigate the venture and growth capital investment process. Powered by legal tech tools, our team stands ready to protect your investment by advising on a full spectrum of matters, including transaction structuring, shareholder rights and cap table management, business restructuring, financing arrangements, talent management and incentive schemes, IP and data protection, regulatory compliance (including the specific requirements for digital assets and emerging tech focused companies), exit planning and more. 

Delivering value through our market-ready and digital platforms

Our managed solutions are designed to address the changing market paradigm for crypto and web3 startups. We are innovating to provide definitive plug and play solutions for pressing organisational challenges. Our multi-disciplinary teams have broad experience in taxation, accounting, corporate services and legal to support you on your innovative journey.

Professional advisory services

  • Centralised channel to access a dedicated Crypto & Web3 professional advisor to address your day-to-day general tax, accounting, legal and fund raising enquiries.

Digital Business Portal compliance tool

  • An automated online tool with over 100 templates and documents covering tax, legal and corporate compliance matters your business may encounter. Helping you to help yourself.

Secretarial services

  • Acting as your named Company Secretary
  • Provision of registered office address
  • Preparation and filing of Annual Returns, etc.

    Tax compliance services

  • Acting as your named Tax Representative; and
  • Preparation and submission of your company’s profits tax returns and computations

    Accounting software implementation support

  • Initial set up support
  • Transaction reconciliation with source data
  • Review of journal entries being exported to the accounting system

    Legal services

  • Legal services designed to cover ‘day-to-day’ legal advice
  • Access to our local and global legal network

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