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Our Mining practice has the expertise to help you navigate and respond to the powerful dynamics reshaping the industry.

Mining will still be around in 10 or 20 years’ time.

But what will it look like? Chances are, very different from the industry we know today.

The disruptive forces of technology, new entrants and political change that are reshaping industries and governments around the world are also reshaping mining.

What can industry executives do today to prepare for such an uncertain tomorrow? What strategic decisions need to be thought through to ensure your company will be thriving in 5, 10 or 20 years down the track?


In turbulent times, we are ready with practical assistance to help you prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from crisis

Drawing on the broad experience of specialists from across our global network, we can help you look into the future and answer these questions, putting your business on the path to sustained success.

How can we help

New alliances and partnerships

Savvy companies entering the mining sector are looking to shake things up. But for conventional players struggling to innovate and grow, rethinking deal and partnership strategies is a must.

To that end, many are using increased investment dollars to evaluate capital allocation, make savvy deals, and pursue new deal opportunities. That’s where we come in.

We can help you...

  • navigate the diverse field of mining growth opportunities, and deliver your strategic objectives.
  • identify local and international alliance and acquisition opportunities, create new ventures, invest in consortiums, acquire competitors, and buy or sell assets.

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Transformation through technology

Mining companies increasingly understand the power of technology. The question is: will it transform or trample your business models and competitive advantage?

One thing’s for certain: companies that genuinely understand technology and leverage it strategically will find it to be a fundamental success factor. But issues like cyber risks and intellectual property protection must also be managed well.

We can help you...

  • develop practical technology and data strategies that distinguish between noise and real business value.
  • align multiple technology solutions, reduce costs and enhance business value by developing strong capabilities, realistic business cases, and a simplified system architecture.
  • identify cyber vulnerabilities and help protect your business assets.

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Building trust and transparency

Companies struggling to build trust face a rapidly changing social landscape. Today’s stakeholders are highly engaged, demand transparency, and often share their opinions on peer-to-peer social networks.

What if their demands continue to grow? How will the stance of governments and regulators change in response to consumer pressure? How can the mining sector respond?

We can help you...

  • respond to demands for trust through our quality audit and assurance services; offer stakeholders a way to understand and evaluate your business using a single language and common methods.
  • produce non-financial performance reporting to respond to demands for better transparency, corporate governance, and sustainable-based business models.

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Organisational culture for a new world

An organisation that’s fit for the future rewards collaboration, builds capabilities, and encourages people to work together. But first you need a diverse talent pool.

To build a workforce that makes you fit for future challenges in the mining sector, you must recognise the need to change your talent strategy, open up your culture to welcome it, and then find the talent you need. But where do you start?

We can help you...

  • rethink your approach to talent and culture to be as innovative in your talent strategies as you are with your business strategies.
  • build tailored people and organisation solutions to help achieve your strategic ambitions.
  • preserve your uniqueness but also use rigorous analysis and data driven insight to create lasting, differentiated value.

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