Pradip Madhanagopal

Partner, PwC Hong Kong

Pradip is a Partner within the Risk Assurance Practice at PwC, Hong Kong. He has in-depth expertise reviewing the appropriateness of anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (""AML/CTF"") systems, governance frameworks and controls in place at financial institutions and facilitating digital technology driven enhancements that improve both compliance with regulatory obligations and result in operational efficiencies. More specifically, he has led work for a number of international banks across the following areas:

  • Opining on the strategic direction of financial crime functions with a specific focus on: (i) addressing control gaps and enhancing compliance against regulatory obligations (ii) improving the robustness of governance frameworks in place (iii) streamlining Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and transaction monitoring processes to attain operational efficiencies (iv) achieving strategic cost reductions to help create a more sustainable financial crime function and (v) centralizing operation centric functions (e.g. KYC, monitoring, surveillance, fraud) to address and alleviate operational inefficiencies.
  • Conducting large scale KYC and transaction monitoring operational remediations to clear aged KYC files (politically exposed persons, high, medium, and low) and outstanding name screening and transaction alerts.
  • Utilising applied intelligence (e.g. machine learning, intelligent automation, natural language processing/generation, optical character recognition) to: (i) enhance ML/TF risk detection mechanisms and controls (ii) significantly reduce transaction monitoring and names screening false alert percentages and (iii) reduce client onboarding times through more streamlined onboarding processes.