Philip Hung

Philip Hung

Director, PwC Hong Kong

Philip is a director of PwC Hong Kong. He has over thirty years’ of experience in Hong Kong taxation with six years in the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). He is renowned for his professionalism in the tax field and investigation specialty. After he left the IRD, Philip concentrated in handling tax investigation and field audit cases. Philip is the first one to set up a specialised team to handle the IRD’s tax investigation and field audit cases for clients in the industry. His clients include small and medium-sized enterprises, listed companies and various multinational corporations. He handles complicated cases such as worldwide onshore/offshore claim, disputes on contracting processing and import processing arrangements, offshore claim for Macau Offshore Company, IRD prosecution case and transfer pricing manipulation. Philip is a regular speaker on tax audit and article contributor to newspaper and magazines on the related topics. 

Contact details

Tel: +[852] 2289 3130